And now today. What has changed? Nothing. Have two cats staring at me, thinking if their eyes bore into my skin for long enough I might give up and feed them. It’s a batter I lose every night.

Garden watered again. Why on earth is that the highlight of my day? Seems so strange, really. I saw ‘garden’ like I’ve this extravagant horticultural bonanza. I do not. What I do have is a half-dead lawn and half-dead plants. That’s pretty much what you get in Australia. My current battle is to prevent the cracks that have appeared in my lawn, or should I say, the ground below the lawn to open up any further. Dry soil in these areas have created such large cracks that I worry about my animals losing limbs. Monumental.

I spent another day talking to people I don’t like and doing work I don’t do. I ate Ikea meatballs for dinner because I couldn’t be arsed actually cooking.

So, you know, another day.


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