laugharne: the home of dylan thomas

Dylan Thomas' Boathouse; Laugharne


On our recent trip to Wales we drove to Laugharne to visit the home of Dylan Thomas. As you can see by the pictures, it really is the most beautiful place in the world. Dylan Thomas’ boathouse was one of the most inspiring places I’ve been to. Whilst there I wrote the poem below, Misted Sound. I hope you enjoy the poem and the pics.





Misted Sound 


You can breathe by the sea of the stars

And the sun

And the overhanging clouds

That envelope the soul

The mind

And the eyes that see.

You can wait by the tide

As the gulls

Sing your tune

As the wind whips your


And mist freshens your face.

You can lose yourself

In the sand

In the marsh

By the cliffs

And to the sea

But you will not drown

In Dylan Thomas’


His voice is heard miles

Round not just here

In this misted sound.


© giorge thomas

Another spectacular, yet daunting view of Laugharne



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21 responses to “laugharne: the home of dylan thomas

  1. And by the way; I took those pictures.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with me, I am a Dylan fan from way back!

  3. Beautiful poem, followed by beautiful photographs! The poem does it all!

    I also love how you capture the photographs. There’s an eeriness to it. Well done!

  4. I love it. You have indeed captured the essence of the place, the area and Dylan himself. Very beautiful Giorge. Keep it up!

  5. This is an amazingly beautiful poem one which I am certain Dylan Thomas would have been overwhelmed with.
    Furthermore I can relate the images to the poem very well, so well in fact that I felt I was there.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Anthony Gallie

    They way you described it seems like it was a very important place to you. Wonderful poem.

  7. planaquarium

    Stunning, both images and the words! I love the sensation of movement and sound – well done.

  8. Aaaaah I love Under Milkwood, Bible-black, sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack, fishingboatbobbing sea. You poem is haunting but by no means “Llareggub”

    Keep posting, I like your style


  9. Loved this – thank you for visiting my blog and recommending I read Misted Sound. The first line is lyrically captivating:
    “You can breathe by the sea of the stars…” and the photo’s reflect the mystical, misted sense of the place’s quiet wonder. What a privilege to visit and be inspired by… love from Africa, Bx

  10. “You can breathe by the sea of the stars”

    From that first line I was walking and breathing and lost in this poem.

  11. Beautiful poetry with stunning imagery. Nicely done:)

  12. Just beautiful!
    Thanks for stopping by my photo blog! 🙂

  13. theflyingpenwriter

    Very nicely written – I can feel the wind on my face and the atmosphere of this special place through your words. They are dancing in front of my eyes and I dream I am here in Dylan Thomas’ boathouse, facing the world.

  14. I love the image and words.

  15. While reading this, I could feel the imagery you portray through your gently flowing words…beautiful!

  16. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Both the poem and the photos.
    Glad you visited my blog so I could find you.

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  18. Loved the poem 🙂
    Thanks for sharing it!

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