Some of you may have joined me here from my previous site, If you have, thanks for coming over.

A number of reasons for the change. Firstly, I couldn’t resist having a site which represented the name change. Also, a .com can’t be frowned upon. Secondly, I wanted something cleaner, easier, something that was all about the writing and not about the surrounding crap. Thirdly; I find I can post more if I have easier access to post. I van do this straight from my iPad.

I remember my Myspace days so fondly, when I would always be in the top rated blogs until someone got pissed at what I said and had my account deleted. Myspace is so last decade, though, don’t you think? But I got caught up in it. I became obsessed with the numbers, discovered that if I wrote about celebrities and their deplorable lives, more people would read my posts. I lost site of the bigger picture. Did I want to be the next Perez Hilton? No. I wonder what he’s up to these days; it’s been about a year since I visited his website. In fact, I’ve not bought a tabloid mag for about two years and the last time I read one was when I was at the hairdressers, waiting for the dye to colour my greys. It’s so superficial, and so ridiculously not me I wonder how I got caught up in it all. What I love is Plath and Thomas and Hughes and all those other brilliant poets. This hear I was lucky enough to visit Dylan Thomas’ home, which was brilliant. And now we share the same last name! Yeah, us and a third of Wales!

I’m not all high-brow, though. I still have a love for cheesy reality tv which has Mr Thomas rolling his eyes and wondering why he ever married me. But, you know, balance.

For those of you still here, thanks for hanging on. Hopefully it won’t be so long between drinks anymore.


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  1. theflyingpenwriter

    Happy to discover your blog! Definitely my mood of the day, moving from a blog full of images and “crap” to be true to a more serene atmosphere.
    Remembering MySpace time now that I read this – It sounds like the old days!!!

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